OPERVA AI Names Dr. Kai Voges Chief Executive Officer

  • New leadership to fuel OPERVA AI’s next stage of growth ambitions 
  • Kai brings extensive experience in scaling-up of startups, especially in the realms of drone technology and artificial intelligence
  • OPERVA AI is set for next stage of scaleup and expansions

SINGAPORE — 16 March, 2023 — We at OPERVA AI today announced that Dr. Kai Voges has been appointed Chief Executive Officer. We are thrilled for Kai to lead our executive strategy and leverage the foundation we built to drive business growth and continued innovation in democratizing drone technology and artificial intelligence. With his extensive background in tech integration and software development, Kai is poised to bring a fresh perspective to the company and help take it to new heights.

Kai laid the seeds of his deep understanding of data and technology during his academic career all around the globe. In his scientific endeavors he looked at the world in micrometers and millivolts. This equipped him with the right tools for a high level of detail and outstanding results. Prior to joining Operva AI, he co-founded his own drone tech startup, where he applied his experience for drone operations, data analysis, and software development. Through his work, he has executed projects in Southeast Asia, Japan, and Australia, often related to construction. This experience has given him valuable insights into how drone-generated data can be leveraged to drive business growth and efficiency.

As an entrepreneur with a strong passion for technology and innovation, Kai is well positioned to lead Operva AI into a new era of growth and success. He is a proven leader, and he brings a deep understanding of how technology can be integrated into businesses to achieve strategic objectives.

At Operva AI, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation and creating intelligent solutions that make a difference. Our cloud-based solution generates 3D models using drone-generated data, which our AI then analyzes to generate deeper insights. The target industries we serve are construction and infrastructure companies, and we are committed to delivering intelligent solutions that help businesses in these sectors thrive. Kai’s expertise, vision, and entrepreneurial spirit will be invaluable as we work to unlock the full potential of drone-generated data and AI.

“I am fired up to be joining Operva AI as their new CEO,” said Kai. “The potential of drone-generated data and AI is limitless. The Operva AI team is extremely committed to helping businesses and I am delighted to be part of such a strong, dedicated team. I am confident that with our cutting-edge technology, collective expertise and strong passion, we will make a real difference to the world.”

The appointment of Kai as our CEO is a significant step forward for Operva AI. And we look forward to the exciting journey ahead.