Build and maintain smarter, faster and safer

We digitise and maintain your physical assets, for your optimal efficiency.


Manual work on project sites? 

Concerns over work safety?  

Hard to view certain physical spaces? 

Costly disputes over quality issues?

We can improve your inspection and maintenance efficiency by 4x. 


Difficult and dangerous to access some vessel areas? 

Inaccurate and inconsistent identification of defects?

Lack of control of onboard maintenance progression?

We can access those areas at a fraction of the cost. Quickly, and Safely.  

Scan and Build 3D model

Camera drones are deployed to efficiently capture clear visual footage of your physical assets. The footage is used to build a 3D digital replica of the structure, be it a building, vessel or industrial space.

Tagging (Defects or other information)

Navigate the virtual space and tag exact spots with useful information, such as defects, products, maintenance plan etc. You can control who is authorised to do the tagging. 

Workflow and process management

Assign tasks to action owners, based on AI-generated insights. Track your progress easily and prioritise continuously.

Defect analytics (computer vision)

Computer vision recognises a preliminary list of defects, and save you efforts in browsing through large amount of raw footage. 

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